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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The visitor

Yazz came over today. very fun. we played this game where you put a cowboy hat on the end of your foot and you have to try to fling it up on to your head. then we threw gum into the hat and had to fling the gum up, out of the hat and catch it in our mouthes. it was so fun!
we should really post these things on youtube. we had heaps of laughs, some of Yazz's comments (and occasionally mine) are hilarious.

my brother came home from the city today, just for the weekend. he has a new black, sky-liner. this car is epic!
i must have it. my brother has put on a little weight, face-wise. he's still awesome though. in 3 days my class is going to see tomorrow when the war began. the bad news is this guy who's in love with (mike) is coming with us as we are going on a joint excursion with the year 11's. this is gonna suck. i dont really want to see the movie. i just want to go shopping!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Im back

i haven't posted for a while, i've been busy. wel we won our hockey grand final on saturday, beat the Mins by 1 goal. it was a tight match and i thought we weren't gonna win. It was raining the whole time but when we won it felt like the sunniest day ever! i know how corny that sounds so do not point it out.

at our wind up dinner i won the coaches trophy, its pretty much second runner up for best and fairest.

i dont know what to say about anything right now. i was thinking about turning this into the home page of of StarrickRose Productions. Which Yazz and i plan to make. We want to make incredibly insane movies, we are pretty out there after all! it's not much but i toasted marsh mellows on the bunsons burners in science, it doesn't seem so great but it was quirky and out there and thats what i aim for. When Madison stole Yazz's monkey head (it was such a cool head) and presented it s her own Yazz had to make another one because the teachers wouldn't believe that the oh so perfect Madison could EVER steal something. So anyway Yazz had to make another one really fats. and just to add insult to injury when Madison wasn't there Yazz had to present HER monkey head as Madisons. so basically thats why we hate and i really want to push her off a cliff. I dont know how i got to talking about that but the main point is that we are out there and really want to make movies about the crazy stuff we do.

we are serious people when it comes to leaving our mark and we keep our promises and our word. if we say we are going to pour beat root juice on the principal, we are!!! just we I've already outlined our plan. of course that's when she moves back to my town.

iv'e talked too much about Yazz, so let me say this: i have StarCraft 2 on layby and am very excited, our drama play is about smeone whom everyone thinks has an anorexia when shes just skinny and in the movie i have to do in Drama with Rhi and Jay i play a psycho who tries to kill them. i dont think it'll be very good cos... well it wont, we've been too lazy to make the film.

Does anyone have any suggestions for insane and pout there things we should do to teachers and/or students? we live to serve! if StarrickRose ever produces a film it will be on here

My mind is in a basket somewhere

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Ear

today i was playing my hockey game against "The Mins". we were short 2 or 3 players, namely my partner in crime din the back lines: Philbey, his sister (and my best friend) Lou Lou. so i was full back as usual with Nick. 3 minutes into the game a Min hit the ball, it bounced off someone's stick and flew up and hit me in the ear. now i have a cut about an inch long on the inside of ear. it's cool though, i stopped the ball from going in and my team ended up winning by 1 goal.
the i played another game of hockey with the grade up from me. this girl just loves to play!
we lost that game. meh.

i decided to learn how to tap dance, i'm not that good at it but i need to be good enough to keep up with my PE class, (we are not doing dance but we do aerobics which is like dance) which shouldn't be too hard considering a lot of my PE class and that good. especially Blondie. what is the rule where Blondie is in like all my classes?! well she's not in my Maths class, although she almost was, but i got transfered just in time. i should stop complaining about her.

do you know what she said to Tam? Tam told me this at the theater during intermission while we were waiting for the year 11's to begin. she 'i have the urge not to be depressed, so i'm going to stop being depressed'. Tam said that she seriously wanted to bombard her with mean but necessary words to tell her that one cannot turn it off and on. She does it for attention, and if she doesn't do it for attention then she's either stupid, melodramatic or weak minded. none of which would surprise me.

i'm such a bitch. XD

Thursday, July 1, 2010

schools out!

now i know no-one reads this blog. BUT. i would like to say that school is a brainwashing corporate machine taken in by the media.
and i'm glad that i am now on school holidays.

now for a rant.... school is a place for learning, not a place for freethinking and expressionism (wow thats a word!?) as is evidenced by my "debates" with teachers over our silly library rules (no-one READS in the school library anymore, why CANT we talk?) and the incessant repetitions of instructions given to us just minutes ago when we ask a question as to why we cant do something other than what the instructions said. some will know what i mean while others will just be scratching their heads.

now for school assemblies. from discussing who'll be on the board of SRC (school representative council) to simply telling us what's happened over the last term, wev'e all had a school assembly. the only reason we have SRC is so the students can "feel like they contribute to the school" (obviously just showing up and PAYING them money isn't enough), but it doesn't matter, the teachers have the final say and if a student is hugely popular it doesn't mean they'll win - not if the teacher doesn't like them.
the only reason we have people who actually run for SRC is because it looks good on applications. being an SRC only matters to the person who is elected for it. nothing ever changes or is made better except for some lame school dances and pointless lunchtime activities.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The most boring 2 days EVER.

EVER. seriously. i had a drama set up yesterday at the local theater, yesterday was Sunday and i almost didn't end up going for the reason. it's Sunday. you sleep in on Sunday, you hang out with your friends on Sunday. i knew that barely anyone would show up, i can admit when i'm wrong, but i am THE SOREST winner EVER when i'm right. and boy, do i let people know when i'm right! i love to say i told you so.
so from 11:00 am to 4:10 pm, i was at the theater. the food was good, we had 3 pizza's and chips and gravy. nice. but boring. i had to fill in for 1 of the year 11's in the rehearsals. their play is so weird! it's a little boring but maybe i just don't like play's about nothing. i'm glad i dont have a big part in the play, our play is pretty awful. it's called "1969", personally i didn't like the name because there's a movie with the same name (starring Winona Ryder) and it's about similar things. still, no-one listens to me.

today was almost as bad. Mr. G finalized our grades for art today, and i got a D. meh. no use stressing over it, what's done is done and i don't really care enough to change it. in 10 years who's going to care if i got a D in art? i finished my SOSE work incredibly early, i hate being efficient! now i have nothing to do! i suppose i bring boredom on to myself. there's always a consequence for greatness. i don't think i'm that great but some people seem to think i'm cool. that i'm cooler than the people i hang out with. not true, i think my friends are too cool for me and i'm lucky to have them.

Martin and i are no more. i broke up with him. i suppose i wasn't in love, or perhaps i was but it was short lived. i'm the kind of girl who leaves before left. Simple as that. Besides, boys aren't that important to a 14 year old. are they?

no musings today. for whatever reason. i guess i'm still recovering from the painful boredom that was the last 2 days. it'll only get worse. but hey. at least it's the last week of school.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not so liked

i found something interesting today: The melodramatic Blondie who wallows in self pity half the time (the other half pining over Boldie), has been trying to fit in with a group of 4 very agreeable people, now this wouldn't suck (in fact it's great cos she hadn't been annoying me as much) but it seems that she also annoys the agreeable 4some!
heres some reasons:
  • "she wears too much make up" the 3 who were at school today
  • "it's like she's from Rocky horror" from Sass, who's elaborating on the make up
  • "she's always talking about how much her life sucks, there's always someone who has it worse" Chelli
  • "she always says what you don't want to hear, she brings you down" Crys
  • "her voice is so annoying" Crys
the only thing Crys likes about Blondie is that Blondie can sing, she sounds a bit like the chick from Evanescence only not as good.
this made my day, cos now i have people who agree with me that Blondie isn't a very likeable person. i get it she has some family stuff, but it's not what happens to you it's how you react to it, she's down about this cos she's letting it, find a positive.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Pareidolia is when images or sounds are thought to be significant when they are not.
i would like to ask my follower Alea what evidence there is of "There is also a lot of archaeological, scientific and historical evidence of the Bible's accuracy.".
I want to know this.
as i was saying... Seeing clouds in the shape of a goat doesn't mean that it IS a goat or that it has any significance aside from a funny happening. Just like seeing "Jesus" on an old piece of fabric, it could've been anyone! i'm not saying that Jesus didn't exist, people believe what they want to believe and whether he did or didn't they're right. i still maintain my notion that nothing exists outside that mind, if you belive something (especially in religion) then it's valid. To say that a cloth (just an example) has the image of Jesus on it is presumptuous though, it could've been anyone, how many people were alive back then? i imagine more than one person. there's logic in everything, and if it isn't logic it's just coincidence. The meaning is in the viewers perception.
and just for clarification i am NOT raving on a about religious validity again, it's just an EXAMPLE.

BTW, has anyone ever heard of a self fulfilling prophecy? i have and reckon it's true, if a fortune teller says that i'll fail math, i probably wont try. and i'll fail math. i don't know why i'm saying this, probably cos i'm bored.
comment and say what you think of my post!

i could go for some noodles right now....